Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Thank God for this Person

Puppies Abandoned Indiana: 17 Dogs Dumped On Road Near Lake Shore Up For Adoption (PHOTO)

For 17 abandoned puppies and their mother, Karen Read came along just in time.
Read stopped late Friday night while driving along State Park Road just east of Indiana Highway 49 — roughly 50 miles east of Chicago along the lake shore — after she spotted puppies in her path.
The Northwest Indiana Times reports Read saw someone in a gold SUV apparently dump a mother dog and nine puppies along the road and speed off as Read approached.
Read gathered the puppies in her SUV and called her husband who wrangled eight more of the puppies nearby, ABC Chicago reports.
(Don't forget to check HuffPost Chicago on Fridays for featurd local shelter pets up for adoption.)
Animal control crews later came and took the brood to Lakeshore PAWS in Valparaiso, Ind. where they are currently awaiting adoption. The shelter's latest "pupdate" said the 17 dogs are Lab mix puppies "from at least two separate litters, who range in age from 6 to 12 weeks old."
Individuals interested in adopting the puppies must fill out an adoption survey and visit between 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Wednesday at Coco's Canine Cabana, 405 Elm St. in Valparaiso.
Read told CBS Chicago she's angry that someone would just dump the animals on the side of the road.
“It was very cold that night, so I fear to think what would have happened to them if I hadn’t come along right when I did,” Read said, adding she had doubts the puppies would have survived the night due to coyotes in the area.
“Good grief. I was really angry that night, and I’m trying not to be a judgmental person," Read said. "I don’t know what kind of situation they were in, but I think it was a pretty reckless and callous act that they did.”
Porter County Sheriff’s police were searching for the person who abandoned the dogs.
For adoption questions, contact Lakeshore PAWS at

Reading things like this really make me mad.
Thank God for that wonderful woman and her husband for picking the dogs up and that are now trying to find them homes.

I really can't digest how evil people are these days.
It truly blows my mind the things that people do to one another and animals.

I hope that this story gets passed around and that the puppies find a good and loving home.

and I hope the people that just dumped them all rot in hell.

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