Friday, May 3, 2013

Tan in the Shower?! Say What?!

This is now being sold at QVC and this is how is works.

Put one pump of the body wash on the loofa applicator and apply to your skin (while standing in a dry part of the shower, away from the shower head). Use a circular motion on one body part, such as your arm, and watch the color come to fruition. Repeat this by using one pump for each body part you want to get some color. Rinse skin when you're done. Afterward, pat the skin dry (don't rub!) and apply a rich moisturizer. Your tan will get deeper in color throughout the day.

The Josie Maran Argan Glow Self Tanning Body Wash just went on sale for $34.98 on

Thanks for the update on that! This is on my "Must Try" list!

XOXO- ALittleJuneBug

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  1. Wow! sounds too good to be true, especially for that price!
    I might have to try it. :)